Thursday, September 04, 2008

When your computer dies, do all your pictures go to heaven?

This afternoon, while cruising the eBay site, Chris' laptop decided to turn it's screen off, then it thought while I am upsetting the user, I might as well have a smoke. So underneath the letters f and appropriately u smoke rose from the keyboard, and quite possibly has fried my mother board!!! In a way it is ok because we are now forced to clean up the home pc and stop using the laptop for daily things. The bad news, all of my Thierry pics are on the laptop. And of course I hadn't saved them to the removable memory card. Hopefully, as dad says, it was only the battery overheating and it caused a small electrical glitch, which would allow him to extract the memory from the computer, awesome. Worse case, all of my pictures from this last year are gone, so long Disney, first day of kindergarten, first day of 1st grade. Goodbye new baby, Christmas, and Kindergarten graduation. And then of course good bye to all the word documents I had, check registers, and ipod selections. I am so sad.

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The Butler Family said...

Our laptop died also. It is terribly sad. We lost all of the pictures from after our wedding until Emma was born. So it's like we didn't have any life at all until she was born. But we really did have a lot of fun and we lost ALL of those pictures. Sometime when we have some extra cash lying around... if ever... we'll try having the hard drive restored. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you... :)