Monday, November 24, 2008

Primary Program...

is finally over!!

This is something I have never really enjoyed. I remember a few years when I was little I was excited, but even then memorizing the script and getting up there I had knots in my stomache. As a primary teacher in Troy, I detested having to sit with the kids, but with my naughty boys :) I knew they wouldn't sit still during the sacrament, and we sat for the entire meeting on the stand, so I sat there giving them the "eye". They were always so good, wow I cant believe that they are teenagers.

So Yesterday, our "new ward" performed their program. It was perfect, but I am not surprised, the children in our ward are perfect. Perfectly sassy, and perfectly wiggly, and just the right amount of naughty. As a reward for all the hard word, and so that we could breathe for a day kinda (we still are missing a few good teachers) we had a fun sing day combined with movie and popcorn. I know some stakes and wards would just die thinking that we didn't give an acutal lesson, but it was just what I needed too, & I am just in charge of singing time. So a good funny danial in the lions den movie, complete with what looked like cast members of the show "Cats" & popcorn was a great day at Primary. Of course the popcorn popper that we borrowed didn't work right, and half of it was popped old fashioned on the stove (lucky there was a big pot and lid in the kitchen). But the kids didn't even notice, and I had helpers in the kitchen. Oh and by the way anyone that uses the roseville building start cleaning up after yourselves, there was dishes left out, counters were not clean, floors were sticky and dirty, it was gross that we had to clean it to use it, and then clean it again.

Well anyways rambling that I am, during the movie my sweet sunbeams were getting bored, and a had some manger print outs that they could color. I was chatting with one of them, about the color of sheep, and this sunbeam started to talk about a cider mill and the black sheep he petted there, and how it started to druel on his hand..."stupid sheep, drueling on my hand." I suppose you had to be there, but it was so adorable, the way he scrunched up his forehead, and chatted away. I have never heard someone call anything stupid in such a comical yet very 4 year old serious way as he did, it made me chuckle. Kinda the same way when I called one kid Bubba, there was a chorus of "hey, I'm bubba, and he isn't bubba, that's my name." These kids are great.

So long to Short, the primary did a great job, and it is finally over. I guess we have to start thinking about next year already, at least I am. Oh and I sent Thierry to YM with Chris yesterday and I hated it. He was really good, chatting away as there was only one young man, and the leaders.

Ok no more ranting and chating, I have to get going on party invites, laundry, holiday decor and more actually done today or I will have issues. Great Thierry just woke up too... I just love mondays.


melissa said...
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The Prices said...

I think it's awesome to skip the lesson once in a while, even kids need a break at church sometimes!