Saturday, January 24, 2009

Hilton Head Island Here we come

This morning, we were finally able to reserve our anniversary trip! How our DVC works is that you can call the first day of our vacation, no more than 11 months in advance, out at your "home" resort (ours is Saratoga Springs), or 7 months at any other DVC resort. Summer is usually busy, so alot of places that isn't your "home" book quickly, which is why if you know any DVCers, they may have two or three "home" Resorts. It helps you get where you want to be when you want to be there. So today we said ok, if we can get it great, otherwise we have to look at heading back to Disney World. Of course we didn't mind that idea, but it would have nice to just go somewhere "Disney" without being at Disneyworld.

SO ... I woke up later than normal, thanks to a sweet hubby who has been letting me sleep in lately, and realized that it was now 9:16am. Disney reservations open at 9am and last week when we tried to book, they had zero openings at 9:24am as they were all filled. Being the patient person I am, I told Chris to call this time and sure enough, we got it! In all honesty, I am super excited that we are now going the week that we are, which is only a week later than we had planned. I was a little bummed that we might have been going the week prior to our anniversary, and I am a little tired of celebrating on the week before instead of the day of (Disney 2007 we returned from our trip the day before). Spoiled a little, yes I am. So happy dance all around, because I will actually be on vacation, on my anniversary, with the kids at Grandmas!

Now comes to the really hard part, What to do while we are there that week. We plan on driving down to Savannah one day (I want to go to Paula Deans' resturant), and on the way home stopping in Charleston. Bike rentals are available, a beach down the road, so I will need to hit a book store, and remember sunscreen. Any ideas?

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Restless Mom said...

fun! you will have to tell us how it is. we've never been to hilton head.