Thursday, January 01, 2009

Thierry's Moment

A few pictures of my cutie, he found a hole to crawl into that isn't normally available. He was very pleased with himself, I on the other hand was thinking, gross that is where the garbage is kept.
Looks like I need to do a paint job in there.
Other Fun News
A Staub tradition is to do a group huddle, hands in, cheer after evening prayer. I have no idea how long ago it started, I just know that when all the cousins get together we really do some counting. We start from one and go as high as needed until every person there is accounted for. So typical night, after prayer, we put our hands out, and count, jumping them up and down as we go. Thierry loves it. He gets so excited that during any prayer he puts his hand in and jumps, trying to do "Happy" whenever he can. This week we hit a milestone. We kept telling him not till after the prayer, you have to wait, not till bedtime prayer, just trying to prep him for when he truly understands. After evening prayers this week, Mama said "Amen", immediately a little voice said AMEN and stucks his hand out for Happy. It was sooooo cute. Thinking it was a fluke we waited to see what he would do the next night, the cuteness repeated. I am counting this as his first word, because Mama doesn't really count, plus when he says amen now he has a little person voice.
Now if only he would do it on command.

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The Prices said...

how adorable! Taylee gets really excited for happy too!