Tuesday, February 03, 2009

update on the Monkey

Recently, Amande noticed that I had been spending alot more blog space on the Monster, and none on her, so her are some updates:

1. Her bottom two missing teeth are starting to re-emerge, but the top two is still a gaping hole.

2. She excelled on her report card this quarter, she jumped two whole levels in her reading, and is acing subtraction.

3. For Christmas she got a sewing machine, and is asking everyday to keep learning, I have only let her cut fabric for now.

4. She is big on secrets right now, like the one about her uncle having a GF. She is telling everyone in hushed tones, partly because he tells everyone about her BF.

5. She is going to see Coraline with Nana for her Winter Weekend. She doesn't get a whole week off like some school districts :(

6. She is planning her vacation at Nana, which is 7 months away.

7. She is still wearing her size 10 1/2 shoes, and doesn't understand how her two cousins who will both be heading to Kindergarten in the fall, are both wearing the same size clothes as her, and get to wear bigger size shoes.

8. It doesn't matter that the car radio doesn't come in hardly at all, as she can sing for you the whole car trip. Favorite songs lately have been by Katy Perry, Pink, Fall Out Boy, and other artist I didn't think she knew. I am really missing Radio Disney.

9. My addiction to ANTM is spilling over, and she model walks the house.

10. She has diagnosed me with Teddy Bears in my ears, and a high fever of 140 degrees. Isn't it amazing how some things adults say stick in little kids minds forever! (side note, a med intern told her she had teddy bears in her ears at her 3 year old check up, that is half her lifetime ago!)

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