Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Just a little bit of info...

Most of you all know that last month, Chris' company had a staff meeting. One that we all dread to have, and yet it could literally happen to anyone. We have been kinda quiet on details, because we simply haven't been given any, and yet still we don't know anything, except that this will be his last week.

The company he works for will be folding, due to the Big 3 changing their direction in how they want to source the product lines that the company produces for them. Suppliers are being screwed. Because about 66%, from what I have read, of this business the big 3 gives us is being taken away, they no longer will have the capital or means to continue their business.

So, looks like we will be having an at home papa for a while.

I could go on and on about how this upsets me, and angers me, and that I will never buy a car from the big 3 again, but it is just at this moment, my brain has had an overload, and I want to go away for awhile.


Pam said...

This totally sucks! I have a feeling this will be happening more and more especially with those who are in our stake as a great majority of them work for or deal with the big 3. Hang in there. Pam

The Prices said...

I'm so sorry Rach. I agree with! There's just no way to sugar coat it. You'll be in our prayers.

Jan said...

What kind of job did Chris do? What is his degree?

RH said...

Sales/Finance Analyst, Forecast planning
Scenario-based forecasting modules
Quantitative financial analysis
Process improvement
Product implementation
SAP's BPC software
Customer service - internal & external, stuff like that.
I think his BA is International Business, but I haven't looked at his resume. He has it up on Linked In.

Jan said...

Thanks. I wanted to know in case either I or Bob knew of something. So we will ask around to see if there is anything we can find out. xo