Saturday, April 11, 2009


While mama has been super busy, so has Thierry... he is walking!!

He thinks it is great, and has been taking about 4 steps at a time all week, but everytime I try to capture it on film he drops down and crawls as quickly as he can to pose for a picture...sounds like another little person in our family.

The yesterday I was babysitting at a friends house, and her two little boys are running around, and walking everywhere, and he just had to keep up, so across their living room floor he went. He was really trying to run. I hope to capture it sooner than later, as I would like to have a "first steps" moment, but it will probably just miss us this time.

Also, at his 12 month check up, which was really his 12 month and 2 weeks check up, he is only 18.6 pounds, so no forward facing car seat yet. He is also 28 or 29 inches long, I really can't remember what he said. Although he is growing steadily, he has not hit that 12 month growth spurt many other little boys his age are hitting. I am not too worried though, as he is still bigger than Amandine was, and he has monster feet. I will just have to wait and see if he catches up to his uncles and papa when he is older.


Michelle said...

Fun times! Now there's no stopping him, lol. As for the whole rear facing car seat thing, just an FYI that the AAP now recommends 2 years and 30 lbs although 1 and 20 is still the law. I just think the longer you can rear face the better.

Rebecca said...

He was 29 inches at his appt. I remember cause alex was 24 inches at birth and I thought wow he is not much bigger than my first in length, although I never got another one that long. You were 19 inches.