Friday, May 29, 2009

Uncles and Aunts

Aunt Rachel was in town last weekend, due to the unexpected loss of Chris' Grandma. As sad as it was, there were some great happy moments, like when Aunt Rachel and Taylee came over on Memorial Day. We are so excited for our FAMILY VACATION in July!

Uncle Ian and Pua also had prom this week, well Pua had her prom, and Ian was her escort. They took out some picture time to make Thierry Happy. Thierry LOVES Pua about TTTTTHHHHHIIIIIISSSSS much. During the luncheon following grandma's graveside service, one of Chris' cousins was just sitting there, and Theirry was pointing and grunting, to get over to her. Then when we got up close, he looked at me like I was crazy, not him, because it was Gabbie, not Pua. Funny Boy.

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