Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Working on Wedding stuff

I have decided, that there are no flower girl baskets I like on the shelf, I mean really really like. There are no matching ring bearer pillows in the style and color I would like either. So in an effort to make it all very special I am going to ...GASP... create my own!

I am playing with design ideas today, scanning the Internet for ideas, on gathers for decoration, ribbons, and flowers to include on the ring bearer pillow. Then I after that look is complete, I will continue with the flower girl basket, as that HAS TO BE PERFECT! We like this basic style for a basket, but instead of the jewel, having silk roses in two shades of pink, Navy blue Fabric instead of the pink, as shown, and a pale pink in place of the brown. I have no idea how to create the handle look as above, probably mom does.

After playing with some ideas, I LOVE this look, with the Ribbon and Flowers, but I want more of a gathered fabric look of the one below.

Only instead of it ending with an inch on the bottom, for it to go completely to the corner.

And this one I love the big bow, as it would showcase the Button we purchased to have as the simple center. But the bow is too big to show the gathering of the sides.
We have purchased the Fabric, a quilted navy blue fabric, with light floral detailing, and a splash of sequins, as well as a silky pale pink fabric. We even have the pink roses to play with... so here goes on my next craft project. I will keep you posted on my endeavor.


Tadj said...

Too Cute. Good luck!

BTW - I just noted the "Crazy Life" quote on your page. You know that's from Jon and Kate + 8 right?

NatalieHemingway said...

... sure did't take you long to remove that!

Jenny Long said...

to get the scrunchy bit for the handle? you need fabric longer than the handle and when you sew in onto the handle (again, another task) there will be more fabric than handle and it'll bunch like the picture. just gotta make sure that you have enough extra fabric for it to bunch evenly