Sunday, September 06, 2009

Just a thought...

I am so tired of hearing about the Presidents' plans to address the children during school hours, about "yea! stay in school". I am not thrilled that it would be allowed for mass distribution, via any media outlet, to be shown to children in public schools, without parental approval. It is at times like this that I really wish I had the patience to be a home schooling mom.

It isn't because I don't like the man, I don't really know him besides what the media wants you to know, and what his PR people will lead you to believe. It isn't because I don't believe in most of his policies, because they aren't horrid, just being thrown together too quickly for the happiness of uninformed citizens. What I don't like is that you have to wonder why he has to do it doing school hours, at a school near you, and that the teachers have suggested lesson plans on the discussions that "should follow" the broadcast.

I wouldn't send my kids to a conference at church without us present, and I wouldn't send send them to school the day of a "national broadcast". I would want to be there to discuss our families position on the topics being discussed, answer her questions, and hear her remarks. What ever happened to families gathering together to listen to the evening news, presidential debates, and actually forming opinions together? It is called Bad news is good news, so people had to screen the news from their kids, after all what 6 year old needs to know the news of a 2 year old being shot, and left for dead, or that people they idolize are being tried for assault, drugs, murder, or committing suicide.

Wake up, and open your eyes. Detroit has a perfect veiw of voting in the wrong guy, time an time again, and yet they still let it happen... not only political, but social as well.

Luckily our Monkey only has a half day of school, as it is her first day back after the summer break. So I don't really have to worry about what the teacher might have up for discussion. If she comes home with a paper asking her what she thought of the broadcast, we can sit with her and talk about it. Good or Bad, while watching it TOGETHER.

I really don't anticipate it being negative, after all this president has people that write his speeches for him and his targeted audiences, but still... I WANT TO BE THE PARENT in my child's life, not let the school administration try to be me.


Rebecca said...

I agree with you 100%! luckily Gaelan and Cedric are at the age where they can make up their own minds on if they want to participate in listening as FPS district is allowing them to opt out if they want or a parent wants. If they opt in they will have to do the work if there is any I suppose. But we have had presidents past that have addressed the school children although with today's modern TV system it is accessible in real time which is really what makes this an issue. Who knows if parents were even informed about presidential talks in the past or other political events. I could be wrong but I think people were much more in favor of the government in the past too.

Jenny Long said...

Can you keep Aman out of school and watch it at home with her? I don't think he should be addressing kids without them being able to watch it at home with their family and ask questions right now. Don't need all of this propoganda bs!

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Q'Ville said...

His original plan included a curriculum for the teachers to follow after his speach. Part of his Community Organizer job in Chicago, in association with Bill Ayers, was to change the curriculum in those schools (and we see how Chicago is so morally clean and bursting with integrity). He seems to be firm believer that families have no place in society, as government is the only entity under which humans can function. I LOVE YOUR POST.