Thursday, November 05, 2009

Copying an idea

One of my visiting teachers is listing on her blog a blessing a day for November. That is so neat, and I think I am going to copy her, or at least try. If I was trying to emulate anyone, she is the one to try to be like (she is absolutely heavenly so much that she glows!)
So... Blessing Number 1...through 5 (it is Guy Fawkes day, so I am a bit behind on the daily count)


The Doctors Didn't think it would happen, due to my heart defect, they also said in the years to come that having kids wouldn't happen. Let's hope the prediction of needing an Aorta Replacement doesn't come to be either!

#2 This guy I married

Because he is just the other half of me. The fun half, as I have been told.

#3These cuties

They love each other and cuddle with each other. Read to each other, roll on the floor together, and run to hug every time they come home. They are just way too sweet, even when they color on the wall, slam doors, and make mess.

#4 A Sibling or 7 to Spare

If one lets you down there is always another one to fill its place :)
#5 Never aging Parents

This is my only picture on the computer with both of you in it, but you pretty much look the same. Even if it has been 35+ years since this picture you wouldn't believe they could be old enough to have a kid as OLD as me! Dang I hope I got the "young" gene!


dawn said...

What a GREAT idea. Who is this Visiting Teacher?

RH said...

The Amazing Skye