Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Double or Nothing...

Tuesday I realized I am blessed with exactly the amount of what I need, at any given time. Although that is not what I want, at least it isn't less than what I need. And yes, sometimes it comes in odd forms, like free cycle, compassionate karate parents, and family. We don't need gilded chandeliers, just enough to get by.

For example, we finally got rid of the intrepid, it was just way too sad to keep looking at, knowing we didn't have the funds to fix it this time around. It sold off of Craigslist for less than I had hope, but just enough, literally, to purchase the transmission sensor that is failing enough to trip the system, back rotors and brake pads around, and that Ball joint that was trying to go on us. And the only way it covered that was because of the wonderful skills my brothers and dad have at getting cars on the road again. The last two dollars that were left over from it all will be able to go toward the dogs vet bill from last week...

Which brings me to Today. We are very blessed to be able to continue to care for our family pet. Even when out of nowhere he came into the home with large gash in his leg, and needed staples, and a whole mess of of other updates. He is our 2nd Baby and just an irreplaceable as the other two kids. He is a great little guard dog when it comes to strangers, is extremely gently with the kids, and any kids that come into the home. Keeps my feet warm, and knows just when Mama needs extra love.
Just like the other kids, he can be very naughty, but how can you not love the calmness and blood pressure dropping attributes a pet can bring into your life. Even a hole digging, super hyper, ocd one.

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