Sunday, November 08, 2009

We are blessed to have a running car...

Our car that we currently are in possession of it truly wonderful. It holds the kids, and friends. Ramsey can lay out in the back just fine without having to worry. The pedals adjust so that it will fit Papa's LLLOONNGG legs and my crazy short ones. You can see it in the background.
Sadly, we got the use of this car after our wonderful Grandma died this past spring. It all happened so fast, and at the time so unexpected.

We miss grandma so much, but I know she is thinking that her great grand babies are safe as they drive to karate, play dates, and the store safely. Especially after one terrible afternoon, when the brakes went out on the spare car.

Just another Guardian Angel looking over my shoulder.


dawn said...

Rach, you made me cry. Thank you :)

Q'Ville said...

I love that you love her so much. I miss her and am constantly reminded of the good that she has done, and continues to do for so many of us. I just try to be more like her.