Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas 2009

Ya know when you really want to see an expression on a kids face the moment, they realize what they are getting, and KNOW it was on a list, sometimes you get to see it, and because they have to be quiet (3:30am) it is soooo much sweeter than when they are allowed to scream and jump.

Back story, Chris and I are Grinch's. Really we are. (Do Not Read the Following Account to your Children Prior to *adjusting* any misconceptions)

We decided that instead of encouraging the myth of Santa Clause, we would let our kids know right from the Start that Santa Clause is Coca-Cola's best advertising gimmick ever. That our American idea of the whole thing is because about 80 years ago or so, this company took all the most commercial parts of St. Nicolas, Sinter Klaus, Pere Noel, etc. and came up with our wonderful Jolly Elf.

We decided to focus on Pere Noel (and he sits on top of our tree because our star wont ever stay up) and his sidekick, and his history of good works, and ministry. I know we are LDS not Catholic, but I love History, and a good value is great in any religion.

Then the Monkey turned 4 and promptly told her almost 3 year old cousin that Santa Claus was DEAD. That he lived way before us and that he died, therefore everything was a myth. The result a very Sad little girl who now thinks her uncle and aunt lie...

My mother hates that we did this, as she LOVES Santa, and stockings, and Christmas all wrapped with a bow. So over the years she has taken over the department on asking about leaving out cookies in whispers, and listening for sleigh bells. I don't really mind.

When she was 5, she really wanted to believe, and with no presents under the tree when she went to bed, she awoke to toys all over the place and ran down the hall, excited as she could, to tell us "HE CAME, SANTA CAME!"

Last Year,We started to tape a ribbon across her door when she goes to sleep, so that if it is down and she wakes up in the night, then she may come up and look at the tree, with all it's lights sparkling. Quietly, look at the tree.

Yesterday Morning, around 3:30 am, I was sitting on the couch, looking at the tree, eating carrots cause I was starving. (I have been really sick most of the week and am now eating). All of a sudden I hear a stampede of foot steps all coming from our little Monkey Running down our very short hall. She stops dead in her tracks, and slowly comes out. 5 minutes, I tell her, then off to bed. She knells down and starts looking at the presents, and eyeballing the stockings. Then she scrunches her eyes, leans forward, and turns to me.
"mama! I just realized what that is with my stocking! It's, it's a Scooter!!!"

Santa is Real, not matter what we have said or have informed. She wrote him, 3x this year. She knew we would never buy it for her, we told her every time she asked. But just like that Red Ryder, sometimes it is better to let them learn that Santa is more about Faith in believing, then letting them grow up too soon.

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