Monday, April 05, 2010

Birthday Review

Our Monster turned 2, and it fell on a weekend when I just did not have any energy left in me. The week leading up to it, I was deaf and sick due to the WORST cold I have had in years and years. This lead to us delaying our celebrations. There was also the issue that we were suppose to celebrate it with his Uncle who shares the same day, BUT he has moved, in a somewhat expected, although early departure to be with his own little man. So long to short, Thierry has now had three weekends of birthday fun.

On his birthday, taking an idea I saw on friends blog, we blew up balloons and tossed them into his room, after he fell asleep. He woke up to a 2 year olds idea of heaven. We have finally just rid ourselves of the last balloon today. As if that wasn't enough, he got his first t, to practice his swing. Only 2 and already has a love affair with all things that end with ball (baseball, basketball, football, etc.) he knew exactly what it was for and patiently waited for it to be put together. Already he has dreams of being a switch hitter :)
you will have to excuse the blurry resolution. Have you ever tried to photographer and 2 year old who wouldn't stop moving? Then the following weekend, during our typical 4th Sunday Dinner at Mamie's and Papi's, Thierry got his much wanted hotwheel car race track. Unfortunately, it came with one too many pieces, and one less than what we needed. We are awaiting to hear from Mattel to see what can be done. For now it sits, partially put together in our basement.
And finally to wrap up the celebrations, we had presents at Nana's last night, where he knew that ball wrapping paper was for him. After a long afternoon of playing with his cousin, running around outside, and searching out Easter Eggs, he was able to wrap up his birthday.
His new swing waits patiently now, for next weekend. We will be putting up the swing set that we were gifted by a very gracious friend over winter. I can hardly wait to put his outdoor toys, outside!

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