Monday, August 30, 2010

Slumber Party Traditions

I was recently informed that there are some families opting to not allow their children to do sleepovers. It is so sad that we live in a time when we can't trust of friends and families enough. Some of my best memories are of late night giggles, with my bestest friends, makeovers, and dancing all night.
Not to mention the occasional grumpy daddy, telling us to go to sleep.
I am so pleased that these girls parents, for now, don't seem to mind.
Monkey was able to have a slamming slumber party, that lasted well into the morning. Although a couple had to leave early (feeling sick, both home and physical) I am sure a bunch of tired girls were plenty cranky for their families the next day!
The girls made their own oatmeal, banana, and yogurt facial masks. It was so much fun, and even though it smelled like dirty diapers, rotten baby food, leftovers, etc (their words, not mine) they were all more than happy to have it applied to their faces, complete with cucumber eye masks.

Following the relaxation and washing off, that oatmeal and bananas bring, the girls were even more excited about their brown sugar scrubs. It smelled much better, like cookies, and Christmas. It slopped all over, resulting in a very yummy floor to get cleaned, and very smooth tootsies.
I wonder how many of these girls will still keep in touch in 22 years?
Ahhh, Memories of youth...

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