Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sick Day #2

I wasn't going to cook dinner tonight. I am exhausted, my head hurts, and although I have been able to keep foods down today, I still feel sick from an achy, achy body.

I tried to pass the torch tonight to Papa, I had high hopes.

It didn't fly.

How can I tell my sweet, tired, cranky, stressed man

"I can't make you dinner before you go to school tonight? Starve until 10pm or make it yourself",

how cruel could I be?

So dragging myself from bed, I decided to make what seemed pretty simple.

It was, I just took an hour prepping because I couldn't keep my hands from shaking in rythm to the pounding in my head.

Dinner tonight????
Vegetable Pilaf.

This is something that would go extremely well if I wanted to add some Chicken to it. That would have made the Monkey happy. She picked out each individual piece, complained, cried, and then wanted to not eat the carrots, because she was sure it was either tomato or pepper.

I loved it, Chris really liked it. It's the whole rice issue that the kids didn't.

The only downside to this meal, the smell. It was glorious, sweet, exotic, and exactly the smell that wafted into our apartment for 6 months before Monkey was born.

I made me barf everyday.

Why would I pick this to make the day after I had a very strong reminder of that "grand" time.

Still, it was delicious.

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