Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Monkey's Valentines

Sticky Hands, Warm Hearts made personally by Monkey. Who needs boxed valentines, when you can have a heart made specially for you with love.

THIS project was found in our Family Fun Magazine. It had the cutest picture of a girl who looked about 5, so we figured it was pretty easy. We made 36 and it took 4 hours. That little girl in the magazine didn't do anything but smoosh the yarn down at the end, I am sure of it.

We of course didn't have all the necessary items to recreate it exactly, but we improvised and improved the idea, if only by adding some glitter.

We like to sparkle.

First we had to be sure we had read all the instructions, and cut out our yarn.
because we didn't have a heart shape cookie cutter to just pile the yarn after running it in glue, we tied a knot in the middle of the yarn to help keep the pointed shape of the heart.

We also traced a heart shape on our parchment paper to follow a pattern.

We mixed glitter in our cornstarch glue. It was a bit thick so we added extra "hot" water to get it to the right amount of pasty.

Carefully we then traced the heart with our "shape" yarn to create a dam of sorts. Not only did it serve as the outline of our hearts, but would help us keep the yarn in place that was going to be used as fill.

Don't forget to really slide the extra goop off the yarn.

Then we just tossed a bunch of yarn pieces into the glue, mixed it really well, strained it through our fingers, and twirled it into the heart shapes.


Added some extra yarn for hanging, and will add a chocolate with a flat bottom in the center for Valentine's Day. We can only have sweets in our house so far in advance or they get eaten.
someone has a sweet tooth at our place.

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Super Cute!