Friday, April 01, 2011


My sweet little Mister

How delicious.

My Super Man had his birthday. I can not believe he is 3.

Where did my sweet little baby go?

Ok let's be honest, maybe not sweet,
but he was the most snack-able child ever.
I could nibble on his neck all day.

Monster is huge into super heroes.

He will watch Superman II for days on end.

He believes a couch should be a launching pad, naps are an option, and that he is the BOSS.
Do not leave out anything that might hint a sweet and sugary, or he will take a bit, and he loves, loves, loves to be with his Sister.
And I was thinking Monster was getting big, but look, Monkey at his age!
I can't believe she is so big!
I guess I am getting older.

And the best part of him growing up???


Of my two kids (although Papa might protest) Monster was easier in completely this event.

Now he gets to go camping with Boompa and Uncles.
Sleepover at Mamie and Papi's.
And most important of all, he got his new babies.

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The Prices said...

Happy 3rd Thierry! We miss you!