Thursday, April 28, 2011

Nothing new

I am tired. Super duper, over extended tired.

But I really love working weekends.

I don't really miss church, or the socialization, as I get plenty of it as I get asked what aisle has the nice girl like me.

sweet, old men.

I love them.

Papa is working, two weeks now, and I think he will like it. Once this crazy hectic school schedule he planned for is over. I am already wishing my summer away, just because I know what May, June and July will bring.

Monkey is also wishing her summer to get here sooner than later. We have plans of learning how to properly tumble, use a trampoline, execute a cartwheel, and defeated that whole learning to ride a bike issue. I am way over protective to let her completely try. BAD MAMA.

She also is going to get proper instruction in watercolors. Don't be surprised if you get a hand made creation for Christmas.

Monster is, as he always is. And one added bit of info, we have a nudist in our midst.

I guess it will save on summer clothes.

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