Friday, June 10, 2011

Thursday Rocked because...

Papa skipped school, so we got to spend some quality time with this guy,

and I suggested this.
and I got it.

Blonde Dancer Clip Art

The kids were pretty psyched too.

I also mentioned that Papa could set up this,

Just to check for mold.

We haven't used it in a while and it was sitting on the garage floor.
It must have fallen off the shelf.

And because our Papa made sure the tent was all ship shape, next month we will be sudo-camping at a friends house
(cause they party hard and we wont be driving home at 2am)


If the rain stays away

the Monster will finally get to go on a Father Son Camp-out.

even if it is in our own backyard.

Another PLUS of a Potty Trained Little Boy.

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