Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Smilebox.com review, dissatisfaction.

Last year, I signed up for Smilebox.com. Did their 2 week trial, liked it ok enough, and paid a whooping 40 bucks for full access to their internet friendly invitations, slide shows, and scrap-booking.

The offer a month to month or annual membership.

THE CATCH, auto renewal and no refunds.

I happened to click on our subscription program, was checking out the renewal information.

Forgot the price.

On my account page, the only way to access the information was to approve an update on my credit card.

Being stupid and naive, I did this, I just had to change the year. Clicked to update and got charged.

There was no new terms and conditions to read.
There was no price or final order approval screen.

I immediately went in to cancel the order of renewal, and found out, sure you can cancel, but we don't care that it happened 2 minutes ago, we are keeping your money.

Their reasoning is, that because over a year ago I read the term and conditions contract and agreed to it.


and they are not responsible if you don't go in and find it and review it, prior to accessing your account page.

I don't care that they think I should have researched deeply into their website, (which i find to be very unfriendly).

They don't care that their product is not that amazing.

I understand that prorating an annual membership is difficult, and that by not giving refunds it makes it easy on them. What I don't understand how a 2 week trial return policy can not take place on the annual membership if you have let the membership lapse.

THIEVES! As stupid as it may sound to some, I can't help but think they found a loop hole in their policies that allow them to knowingly steal from customers.

I am now out another 40 bucks (not a fortune, but half of my food budget for a week). With no account.

Thieving bunch of tech heads.

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