Thursday, August 07, 2008

Picture time

In the past month we had some family pictures taken, and they turned out super cute!! We got Thierry his 4 month picture and Amandine her 6 year picture (so she's a little early) in a "historical" style. I thought it would be so cute, especially since Thierry could wear his own cap, and like his big sister, he seems to be a big ham for the camera.

Thierry Smiles so big now you can see his dimples, plus this shot if you look close enough shows his one tooth he had at the time.

Just Chillin with a ball. i wish they had an "antique" baseball mit, but I guess football isn't too bad.

Amandine is such the princess.

Here is the recent family picture. All of these pictures were scanned and are kinda grainy but the orginals are simply beautiful.


Caldiero Family said...

BEAUTIFUL pictures. What a darling family!

becca said...

Rachel! That photo is SOOO cute! How do you always look so good???

Your kids are beautiful! I am excited you had another one!

Seeing your family photo makes me miss you.

Becca Brubaker