Thursday, August 21, 2008

July Fun

ok, so i have been a little on the slow side getting some of the cute things my kids did up. In July Amandine proudly showed off her brother at a 4th of July Picnic and then proceeded to join in the LLLLOOOONNNNGG sub bike ride.

I only say long because the whole group went by and there was no Amandine, the fire truck came by, still now Amandine. Then about 5 minutes later we see her way down at the end of the street. Her little legs couldn't keep up. There had been a shorter route for the little kids, but it wouldn't have gone by her Nana's house, so she insisted on being with the big kids. We will have to wait and see if she does it again next year.

Ramsey has fully accepted his new little brother, and is very concerned about him laying on the ground. He is much happier if he sees one of us holding him.

During this time, with out skipping a beat, the big sister decided that she would help me take care of her brother. She checks on him, and tries to make his bottles.

She loves to put on his bib and feed him his food, and just this past week took him out of his crib, which cause me to panic when I went to check on him as he seemed to finally cry himself to sleep. I think my favorite though was of the day I heard, "who's my stinky boy, who is it? Are you my stinky boy?"

I opened his door to reveal three or four diapers in the crib all used. "well I was changing him and he started to spray me and I grabbed a new diaper each time to stop it."

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