Thursday, August 21, 2008

Chicago Trip

I think I can say this past trip was the most relaxed I have ever been when traveling. I forgot that Chicago was an hour behind us too, so even though we planned to take it easy on our way, I really didn't feel rushed to get there. We even stopped at a beach for lunch. No pictures though of it as it was rainy/sprinkling and I didn't think to grab it along with all the other things out of the car for our quick stop. Amandine loved the water and trying to build a castle, and we ended up completly dirty.

The weekend was great, and again no pictures of us spending time with the Lungi's and Guillions. For those who don't know ,Chris was suite mates during his mission with Lungi and his companion. And the Guillions (I sure hope I am spelling it write) were his parents in France.

On the last day we actually went downtown, and spent the morning briefly walking down Michigan Ave, and took in the Arch Tour, of which I missed a good deal as the sun was beating down on us and Thierry didn't care for it, so I sat at the bar. Yes ,can you believe it, a bar on a hour cruise on the tiny little river, because i guess you can't be a tourist unless you are drunk.

Following lunch we did manage to take a few pictures. Amandine has a new Mami, and made plans with her to do and exchange when she is a little older, we would get their grand-daughter Marina they would get Amandine, and she would learn to speak French (although amandine said parle francis et ....hand motions "what is the word for cook?") and cook.

She loved walking around holding her hand.

Amandine trying to pose with Colin, who she really liked to play with. He is about 3 I think.

Chris, Thierry, Christine, Fabrice and Amandine. Theirry couldn't stop looking at Fabrice all weekend. Whenever he spoke, around the head would go looking for him. Partly because, i believe, he only spoke French.

The Guillions, their daughter married Olivier, who Chris baptized. She had introduced him to the church prior to Chris going to France I believe, but that is where Thierry Olivier gets his first middle name.

Then it was off to the American Girl store for a new dress, hat and stockings for Felicity. Overall a great time away from it all.

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