Monday, September 01, 2008

Birthday Party Fun

Amandine doesn't get birthday parties each year, in fact besides her 1st, this past weekend was the 2nd one she has ever had. As I put way too much energy into them, not to mention spend to much on them, Chris agreed that I could do them every few years, and hopefully no year will have both party for Thierry and party for Amandine in it.

This time our theme was Fancy Nancy. We were very excited that we found earlier this year invitations, plates, and other party decor online to match her favorite book. It saved me a ton rather than make the invites this time around. We also purchased for her party, Tutus, boas, gloves, wands, crowns, sunglasses, and decorate your own purse bags. The great thing was it kept the kids super busy, so I didn't have to play games. I am not a big pin the tail on the donkey kinda person. I think the sweetest thing about the whole thing was ...ok brag moment... anytime her friends called and asked her what she wanted for her birthday, Amandine said, "oh it doesn't really matter, it will be just wonderful if you could come to my house." She also told her uncle, "oh nothing really, anything will be fine, it will just be nice to have you come over." Super cute right. Even when her bestest friend asked her, and she said one of the many ways she had to say I don't really need anthing, just your company will be nice, she said, "you could always draw me a picture." So needless to say that made me even happier than anything, because her friends and their parents see this sweet little girl, and not the little beast she can sometimes be to me.

Following the activities we had a BBQ, a practice to say the least for Chris' upcoming BBQ that will be in just 3 short weekends. Unfortunalty no pics of that as I was running around making sure little beepers where happy, food was on the tables, and kids weren't crawling on the ceiling. The Cutest part was near the end, finally all the kids had on swimsuits, the slip and slide had successfully flooded parts of the backyards, and a handful of little boys were splashing in the mudhole that had formed. the pure picture of fun. So here are some quick pics of the party girl, minus bbq madness. Tomorrow is the first day of school.

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Kirstynn Evans said...

OK, this may be the cutest thing I have ever seen! She has to be the fanciest lil critter I know! Happy Birthday, Amandine!!!