Friday, September 26, 2008

The List of Repairs begin

The Boompa came and did an initial so that we can see what we are looking at. Here is the list:

We have spark, in the 1st cyl. so we assume they all have spark but will check on Sunday.
We have gas reaching the plugs so we have fuel.
We have a starter that is engaging to spin the engine.
We have compression, although we don't know the exact pressure as we forgot the pressure gauge to measure...make note for Sunday.
As long as pressure is up there is no reason for fire to be missing for the car to start, but it is, so we must be missing something...any ideas?
If the pressure is low, then the intake valve may be stuck closed or not opening fully. Seeing as we repaired and replaced these when the timing chain broke I would be really upset if they were now not working. It has only been two years.

The radiator is cracked/punched, due to under the car damae from what we can see is rolling over a curb. This also might have damaged the front suspension. That will be checked when we get it on jacks.

The pcv valve connecting hose is split in three pieces (can replace with a rubber hose?? We will see)

Some more oil pan leaks makes me wonder about the seal and pan itself. Maybe the line too. As it has always leaked a bit I am hoping that it is just the normal leaks, but ?

Then of course we have lock housing where the key cylander sits to replace, along with the key cylander. Dodge doesn't sell them seperatly so to the junk yard we will go and get a whole new steering column, as the dodge price is way too much.

They overheated the engine, can tell by the smell of the oil.

And last but not leaset the side body work that needs to be done, the misc cosmetic work, and the few things that were broken to begin with we will also look into fixing.

That is, if we can figure out why it wont lite a fire.

SO if there is any car nuts out there that has a few ideas let us know. If we can get the car started then we can move forward, otherwise we might have to scrap the thing :(

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