Sunday, September 28, 2008

Wrapping up a "poor" week with orchard fun

With all the drama of the week, we thought we would have to cancel our annual orchard/mill visit, but we were super excited at Mami arranging for us to borrow her car for the weekend. So Westview Orchard here we come!!

We got some amazing shots of the kids, I think, just because with not real sun, an overcast afternoon, their eyes were super blue.

Thierry couldn't get enough of his apples, and tasted apple cider for the first time. It was a great day to end the "poor" week, and made Chris' birthday fun.
Because one apple just wasn't enough.

This one is for the farmers' in the family.

Because everyone loves a blue-eyed girl

The boys in their rugby shirts.
Theirry trying his hand at biting the apple.
He decided he didn't need my help after all.
He is very please with his accomplishments. As a bonus you can see that he is trying to sit up now on his own.

Amandine could be found hiding under the trees snacking the whole time. Helps keep her teeth clean she says.

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