Thursday, October 23, 2008

quick update.

So in a week we finally leave, once again, for Sunny Florida. Following the trip we will have lots to blog about, but for now, here is a quick update on the happens from this month.

Chris finally got a calling... in YM, a secretary.

Thierry is climing the walls, standing tall, and pushing things to walk. I keep putting him down on his bum to keep him from hitting that milestone too soon.

He also finally got to ride in the wagon, he sat up the entire time. I was walking super slow though. My normal 10 minute walk to the school took 30. I was petrified that he would fall out.

Amandine lost her crooked tooth. It has been loose, but she hit it on Saturday, and I threatened to take her over to boompas to have him yank it out and it scared the tooth out of her. It just hopped out trying to get away.

Other than that nothing new is happening around here. just trying to get to next week...yeah!, I can't wait to just sit at the pool, soak in the heat, and burn my first couple of layers of skin.


The Prices said...

Justin is YM secretary too. I'm so jealous of your trip..have fun next week!

Michelle said...

Have fun in Florida. Thierry looks so big in the wagon. Before reading I was just looking at the picture wondering who it was because he seriously looks like he's 2 or something.