Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Disney Halloween Boo

Halloween was ok, simply ok. There was so cool moments and some, blah aaarrrrgggghh why did the do that??!!! moments.

To begin, the entire trip camera's were malfunctioning. The flash for red eye was on, and so of course it took forever to snap a picture. By the time we figured that out though we were done for the night. We also switched sizes down a notch so that we could have more pics, and far away shots just didn't turn out so well.

Jasmine and Rajah, yes there is a baby in that costume somewhere. We had people come up all night telling us how they thought we just had a stuffed Animal until it would move.

Now about Halloween Mickey Party, bummers. Even though we got there at 4ish most of the lines to see the characters were closed. We were told they had to get ready for the party, funny we never saw any princess during the party, donald duck, fairy, etc. We were able to see Rafiki, which was a first for us. Of course we had to see Aladdin and Jasmine to show off our own little princess and baby rajah. Princess Jasmine was so excited to see a little Rajah.

Here is my Demi-God, look how strong he is, balancing Jasmine on one arm.

Thierry loved meeting Drisella. Both her and Anastasia were hilarious! That was one of the highlights of the night. They were signing autographs over where Belle normally tells here stories, and they were loud and obnoxious, it was great! Drisella would scrunch up her nose at Thierry and he would just beam. His first love...(giggle) well first "ha, she's a funny girl" moment.

then after years of searching, they found each other. Jack was at the haunted mansion, waiting for Sally. Amandine has been looking for a jack, to go with her Sally Doll for years.

Other Highlights from our trip:

1. Amandine went to Bibbiti Boobity Boutique, and although pictures show her glaring, she is actually having fun.

( i loved this shot of her holding up the hairspray sheild.)

2. We took an amazing pciture of the family by the Christmas store. then Mama proceeded to erase it. SO ANGRY AT MYSELF!!!

3. Went to Hollywood Sudios were we finally met the big cheese himself. Thierry was thrilled. He was so happy, he couldn't keep from grinning, and trying to grab him.

4. If you ever get a chance go watch the Fantasmic Firework show at Hollywood Studio, best performance for light, and firework show. Even though it was super crowed and we had to wait a while to let the crowd disapate it was worth it.

5. The motorcycle at Harley Store, I suppose it will be a traditional photo stop for us. This year Amandine had to sit in the back. Thierry grinned from ear to ear... I fear trouble at 16.

5.Saratoga Springs... PERFECT. We visited a few other DVC resorts just to get an idea about what people were talking about, and after see what they had to offer, I love ours. If fits Chris and my personalities so very well. And although it is huge, and if we were so lucky at getting a close room, we would have had a few hikes to make, the atmosphere is amazing, relaxing, and just perfect. next time i will try out the spa for sure, I'm thinking a full day of mud, scrub and rub.

Thierry got to meet Woody and Buzz too, Amandine was buzy standing in an 80 minute line to do their ride/game. By the time she got out the characters had left the building.

This Picture best sums up the week, can you guess why?


Michelle said...

Looks like it was a fun trip even despite all the little problems that you ran into along the way. And I had to chuckle when you said you couldn't find Donald Duck because Jon and I spent 7 days down there for our honeymoon back in 2002 and never got to see Donald (Jon's favorite Disney character).

NatalieHemingway said...

I give up... why does that pic sum up the trip? Watch to much tv or something. You guys sure looked busy. FUN FUN FUN!! We'll have to go WITH you guys next time. Sofia is totally GREEN with envy that you guys got to go (never mind she was there 3 short months ago).

P.S. Ramsey sure missed you guys! That crazy dog never once came in the house for me. Even the time it was raining!!