Thursday, September 25, 2008

The story of our Car.

Our poor car, has now had to live through 2 thefts. For those of you who have not heard, once again our car was stolen. When we first purchased it back when Amandine was new, it took all of two days for a couple of kids to attempted to break into it at the apartment we lived out. Jump to two months later and they actually got it, tooled around in it, dumped their white castle garbage all over it and dumped it back near the apartment at the hotel down the street,
This time they took it again on a sunday night, right from the drive. They smashed it, possiably ruined the engine by overheating it when they snapped a coolant hose. They tore out the overhead light, threw out amandine's booster, and left behind remnents of tobacco throughout the car. The police recovered it across town and gave us no information about the surrounding situation when it was found. Best case sceniorio is that the few broken parts will replaced, worse case is it is now junk because of an overheated engine that was flooded with anitfreeze, and shorted electrical, and other misc unseen damage that will require a rebuild. All in all, we are now looking once again at storing this vehicale to see if we can rebuild it, or repair it. So frustrating.
My theory on what happened was that when they were tooling around, the car's connector hose for the cooling system snapped, causeing steam from it pouring out on the engine. The kids freaked, lost control for a second, ran into another car, or stationary item causing the dent, parked, turned the car off and walked away. After all how do explain 1/2 a tank of gas, battery power, and no broken windows. They were just trying to get away from the "crash" so no one would see them to id. The next day or morning the car was tagged by police and then towed. So much money to repair, to retrieve, to be able to use it again. So thankfully my brother has a passion for collection cars, and with that comes fixing cars, and hopefull if all goes well we will have yet again the sable for awhile until we know what we can do with our car. Just have to drop a new engine in the sable this weekend, and maybe a gasket job, but we will see. I forsee a resort only disney trip in our future.
Damage to pass. back door
Stering coloumn, cylinder missing, locking housing broken. Typical for a punch out. Why can't they just hot wire like the old days?

These are the easy fixes, the ash try and the over head light. Go figure as to why they pulled them out.


Megan, Peter, and Benjamin said...

Holy cow!! That is crazy that they were bored enough to take the car from your driveway!! What is this world coming to??!! That sucks that they left in such horrible condition!

The Prices said...

That stinks! I'm so sorry. Good luck getting a working car again.