Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Advent Activity - Wreaths

This year Amandine is really old enough, and patient enough to help create crafty things. As part of our countdown to Christmas about every third day we have planned fun things to do, simple like color and paint ornaments, to the most difficult making holiday wreaths. We decided to go all out before I am tired of crafting, and impatient by the daily activities, to go ahead and plan the wreath making as the first big project. Saturday will be the Gingerbread house, another big one, especially with two other children over. I think she did a great job, maybe she did inherit something from me.

cutting branches just the right length.

Beginning to entertwine the branches.

Finished product, seems she has mickey on the brain. These Mickey's are on our bedroom doors to make the hall a little more festive. It makes the house smell like christmas, something we haven't really had due to the artifical tree we have since our 2nd year of marriage.

While Amandine worked on our home wreaths, I worked on the Front Door. I am very pleased with the outcome. Hopefully no one will knock it down and break it in the next month.


The Prices said...

Way to go, they all look great. How fun that she can help. I've been doing a couple little things with the kids too, but it does often take patience.

NatalieHemingway said...

Did ya make one for me?!! Their soooo pretty.