Tuesday, December 09, 2008

more advant stuff

Here are just a few snap shots of the passing few days:
Thierry likes to scrunch up his nose and mimike the sound puppy makes when he is sniffing at him, this is my attempt to capture it. Had there been more light I would have recorded it.

This is the baby at Disney, chris just sent me the pics from his phone. Thierry realized that those bannanas on the bottom of the sundae might be for him.

Now my not so happy moment, last night while getting the bath ready for Thierry, the bath mat was missing. Odd I thought, then I actually looked around and noticed that there was chuncks of hair in the waist basket. Seems Amande decided that because I trimmed her hair (she had a few strangly pieces in front) that morning, she would try to give herself bangs. The result was bad, the left side was choped way high, the right side would have been manageable. I didn't notice because when her Uncle Ian stopped by, she was wearing a hat, and continued to wear one all night. So angry at her over this, and ended up having to cut all her hair short, which I do not like. Hopefully it will grow out fast. Underneath the side pieces the hair is cut up by her ear.

Finally some of this past weeks advant activites:

Paper Trees, we made these yesterday, and have a few more to do. They will be table decorations for our party on saturday, as they will be just perfect for card holders, that will be by the buffet areas.

Her nutcracker: we still need to gloss him, and then add some ribbon, all of which I didn't think about when I picked him up at the craft store.
Before After
Gingerbread houses: Amande had Shelby and Connor over. The first pic is really blurry, but it was the only one I shot with them actually having candy on their homes. It is about as far as they got, before they started eating the candy. The kids took extra candy and icing home to finish, but Amande lost interest once they were gone, and slowly the candy has dissappeared.

Gingerbread Friends.

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melissa said...

she looks a lot like Rainey side profile i think it looks cute on her with her glasses at least it was her hair and nothing else Noah got a hold of scissors one and cut his new shorts my curtains his blanket and the rug