Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Thierry's Cracking me up moment.

After waking up this morning still a bit peeved at the girl, I was given the greatest remedy...Thierry's imitation of Ramsey.

Thierry has had this none stop pull to the dogs water dish since he discovered it there a few months ago. Not one day goes without each of us redirecting him, and telling him to get the dog food out of his mouth. The other day I even caught his little hand trying so hard to get to it through the baby gate, no easy task.

This morning, he crawls right over and up to the water dish. I am following knowing exactly where and what he is up to, but no he isn't in the food, nor is he splashing, his whole head was there in the water dish and he was licking the water. He turned to look at me.... GGGRRR RUFF, hahahamamama. I was laughing so hard I forgot to tell him no, just picked him up, and called Chris. Darn I wish I had the camera out.

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