Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Party Party Party

Last Saturday was our 2nd Annual Holiday Party sans kids and it rocked. The entire two days before as I prepped food and gussied the home I thought about taking pictures ala Kirstin (cause the food was so pretty) but the idea of getting my camera dirty with flour and who knows what else was not that appealing. We also had the camera sitting out during the party, Chris thought we would take pictures of people under the mistle toe, which no one noticed till really late. Once again the host who wanted to take pictures was too busy chat, chat, chatting to remember.

So here it is in a quick run down on the fun evening.

First we had yes/no replies all week, last minute changes on guest, etc up till that evening, but compared to last year our numbers doubled. (Yea!) I was much happier this year doing the party because I wasn't exhausted either, and anyone who has been to one of my shindigs can tell you when I am well and when I am not.

90% of the food turned out just as I had hoped, we did have a slight probably with the tart pastry, as I didn't have the beans to help the sides stay up in the cooking process. Quick fix on that though and no one was wiser. And due to a lack of liquid chocolate, my buche de noel* (not the correct spelling as I can't figure out how to make the little cute french punctuations) wasn't a smooth in outside texture as I would have liked.

Guest arrive as I am taking out my cute versions of chicken cordon blue, turkey meatballs and displaying their warm yumminess on the table, complete with a tangy relish for the turkey, minus the super yummy sauce typically served with the chicken. Next to them is my own creation of a buffalo chicken puff pastry, of which was a huge hit. I think I will bring it to Nick and Lisa's after Christmas. Everyone walking in got a good look around at our Christmas decor, complete with hidden mickeys, guessed on the jar of candies, and received a new secret identity. Drink in hand we mingled and chatted till the room was quite full and made our way to the basement for the Cheese and Sweets. My Bushe du Noel, tartes aux fruits, and the profiteroles lined up the bar. On a side table the cheeses where getting nice and soft. Morbier, Brie, and Comte were our selections this year, trying to keep it mild, andit seemed each of our guest had brought a little something to share. There were these cornflakes cookies that I have never had before, so good. And chocolate pretzels, next to the ghiradellis chocolate.

Hours later, everyone has left, and it feels like a good party this year, slightly tired, but very calm, I am looking forward to next years already. Hopefully a few of the others that missed will be able to come around next year, and the ones that are moving will travel back home to come. We might plan it between christmas and new years to better accommodate those traveling.


NatalieHemingway said...

Sounds like it was a hit. You'd better invite US next year :)...j/k

The Prices said...

Sounds like a rockin' party...I wish I could have stayed as calm at mine.