Friday, December 19, 2008

We all knew it was going to happen...

Hard at Work

Snow day, yea! We did everything we could to ensure that it would be a snow day too. Maman purchased fruit trays from Sams for the Holiday party at School, Amande got picked out her school clothes last night, and Papa even planned on heading to the gym. Fat Chance everyone, at 4 and 5 am when I was up with the baby there was no snow, but come 7 am it had stacked up to almost 4 inches. This snow bank is almost as tall as Amande, due to the shoveling of the walk.

Papa and Amandine made a mini slide is this hill, too bad it is too close to the street for them to actually use it.

Amande was trying to teach Thierry to make a snow angel.

No hat Maman, just because I knew I would be outside for about 5 minutes.

Chris and all his Babies

So bundled up, Amande and Chris headed out to shovel, and camera in hand Thierry and I ended up, outside for some first big snow pics. Ramsey is loving it, Amandine is rolling around in it, and Thierry,I think, couldn't care less, my son or what!

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