Monday, February 23, 2009

Count Down to Party Day!

I am super excited for Thierry's Birthday coming up, and like all things I have been planning it for a little while now. I found months and months ago plates to go with our theme, and then this weekend they were on clearance, so that in itself has really made my day. Sadly, due to the Niagara Falls we call our basement, our super fun birthday day is going to be alot less than what I hoped. I figured with only having the two kids, I could at least make certain birthday's super fun, even if they wont remember the very first one. So this time around it will only be family, which really is quite a bit of people, and maybe a family or two we have known and the kids play with regularly. So if you get one of these in the mail, consider yourself lucky, I guess. I am so bummed that it isn't summer, and bbq weather, and that our basement now just looks like a basement instead of a casual fun room.

Now some simple details... we are going for a ballpark day theme, although Opening day is still a few weeks away at this point. Any Ideas for our little guys big day? We are thinking, hotdogs, pretzels, cracker jack, popcorn, Cotton candy, and a nacho bar. My littlest brother is sure to throw up all night long! Also at Sams we can order a cake with the Detroit Logo on it!

As a bonus Thierry shares his birthday with one of his Uncles and as long as he isn't otherwise occupied will be doing a double celebration. So we might have to throw in a Ninja Turtle for old times sake.

I guess by planning this party, and getting stressed with it all I might actually forget that my last baby will be turning one. No longer a baby, but a little toddler man. I am so sad :(

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The Prices said...

I cannot believe he's almost one!! Your ideas all sound great. Wish we could be there.