Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Tang Soo Do Anyone?

Patiently waiting for class to begin. Practicing her high kick.
High Block Left

Tonight was the first night of Karate for Amandine. She is very excited about this new event in her life, and has been waiting for it to be available at the school down the street FFFFOOOORRREEEVVVVEERRR!!

Things I like about it:

6 weeks at a time
At our local elementary school
you are not required to purchase the uniform at this level
if she hates it we aren't out a bunch of $$$
Discipline of self, something she is lacking
she has a friend there

Things that were a little buggy:

Class Size and Age Range (6-12 years)

The teacher is super nice, and made rounds to say hello, encourages parents to participate with their children, and worked really well with the 30 kids there. Well it might not have been quite 30, but it was alot. When we signed up we were only the 3rd family so I was hoping for a smaller class, kinda like her ballet was, but then walking in tonight, the sign up chart was two pages long. The color belt class was much smaller, with only about 10. At the end of the 6 weeks, if she is doing well she can test for her Yellow Belt, or if she feels that she isn't quite ready then she can continue to take the intro class until she is ready to test. If at the end of this class she does test and get her yellow, and wants to continue on, then we will go ahead and purchase the uniform. Looking at the sizing info, I am also hoping that she will be in the Size 0 which fits size 7* small, but they look like they run big, and she was so tiny next to all the kids, that we will probably be getting the 00 for 5t-6.

She seemed to really enjoy this first class, but we will see, as it comes with homework!

For next week lets hope she can remember the following:
correct placement of her Front Punch, Front Kick, HIgh and Low Block.
The word of the week, Tang Soo Do (Tongue Sue Doe) = style of karate
Korea - the country Tang Soo Do comes from
Do Cheng (Doe jang) = the training center
Do Bok (Doe bok ryhmes with clock) = Uniform
Sabomnin - sounds as it looks = Master Instructor
And the biggie FOCUS with your EYES, MIND and BODY

Here's hoping.


The Prices said...

Sounds like fun!

Restless Mom said...

she looks like she's grown a foot since last summer. what a pretty girl!