Thursday, March 05, 2009


There is a blog I enjoy reading that I recently have made comments on, just because the topics have hit a nerve here or there. Not in a bad way either, just a nerve that made me think, I have been locked up at home way too long. I no longer socialize like I used to, and have long debates about philosophy, religion, art, history, anything remotely adult or educational. That is unless it is about diapers, menu selections, and how I want to have the towels folded. I have not had a discussion that doesn't surround the crying baby or 1st grade homework assignments in so long, that I am not even sure I really know how or where to start. Even as I sit here, I am wondering where I will find the next empty yogurt container, or Capri-sun package that the monster has pulled out from nowhere and bitten into. So for helping in my sanity and realizing that I am an adult that used to have opinions, and extremely strong ones at that, I have decided to write down some ideas of perfection. This is coming off from reading a blog about being Christlike, optimistic, and refraining from culture bashing.

The perfect spouse will consist of the following:
an equal amount of anger and happiness that creates a passion in every task attempted.
balance ratio of faults to merits
1/2 cup of wickedness to every gallon of virtue
For every act of kindness there is a pinch of pride and "better than"

These ideas of perfection comes from a place inside that really believes in moderation. That you need a little bit of everything to be well rounded, full filled and happy. Kinda like a Art major who has to take Anatomy. Will they use all of the knowledge they receive in that class, probably not, but they will understand movements of the body better to hone in their classical training.

Do I want my spouse to be wicked or mean? Not anymore than I would want them to display a likeness to a doormat. It is nice to see every once in a while that they get off their pedestal to clean it, because they aren't the traditional type of perfect we think of when we use the word.

Is it disappointing when there is a temper tantrum in the house, which is followed in a few days with one by my 6 year old? YES, make that triple YES, but they way they fix their mistakes make me see perfection, by seeing the merit to their faults. That correction creates a wonderful balance to base a relationship with. Whether it is between spouses or Parents to the children, seeing mistakes repaired, prepare each person to accept and handle the shortcomings in their life.

If every event, emotion, and challenge just fell in place, what would we all learn in our life? Innocence is not perfection, being naive and accepting just isn't anywhere close to being perfect. Because you can't be perfect by nature, you have to choose to be, and how can you choose perfection if you don't know what it is to not be.

So here is to my perfect spouse, my perfect child, the perfect baby, who all live in our perfect house, with the perfect dog, all of which are far from the perfection we try to view in one defined statement.

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The Prices said...

awesome. loved it! Love that blog you're talking about too.