Saturday, March 07, 2009

Shopping Days

I love Toysrus. I loved working there. I loved the people who still work there, and I go and see regularly, who still remember who I am and my kids names. I love that they announce that your kids are a special member of Geoffrey's birthday club, and that all the people who work there, are so excited for the kids. And the thing I love the most about Toys R Us is...


Today we went to get diapers, and at the same time we did the whole special birthday thing. Yea, it is a little early, but I know from past experience that I will not be back in there till next month, way after all the fun of it being the Monsters birthday, is over.

We walk into the place, and Monster man's eyes just get huge, and although he was slowly creeping up to the store, he is now in a full run, as fast as he can get his little legs going, trying to get everything. His little mouth is chatting away. He points, he laughs, he grabs, he climbs... he climbs right onto the greatest toy ever. With big eyes, he looks up and just beams. OH how I wish I could get it for him, but $$$ is too much for a power wheel he can't reach the petals off. So we move him over to the sit and scoots, we thought, Mickey Mouse, he decided Harley.

So, now we wait patiently, as his gift sits in it's box till his Party.

As a side note, I am really glad I didn't pout my way into getting the tractor. They have a different one available that has pedal wheels, which from the reviews is better. The Farm animal tractor only has one wheel drive and I guess spins in the wet grass, vs. all little man power to get it moving. Maybe next year.

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Rebecca said...

cute! I never noticed just how much current monster really does look like amandine, even in the nose!
anyway I think the harley will be great and who knows maybe he will pull into the drive one day on a real one!
ha ha ha ha