Monday, May 11, 2009

mothers day weekend

In my vanity, I have over the years, primped and primed, both hair and face. Polished toes, and nails. There has been the tweaking of hair, and razors cuts, and the many fad diets. I am not ashamed of this as every girl (except the truly tomboyish) has. My daughter is already asking when she can wear make-up (high school), shave her legs (ask when you are so hairy they have mistaken you for an ape), and how I change my color (the bottle has been used many, many times). Having a daughter has been great, she likes to help me primp. Brings me flowers in from my garden, likes to unload the dishes, scrub the toilet, and have girl only days, where we just shop for clothes.
Then we had a boy.

He is as boy as it gets. He has bumps and bruises, and can fill a diaper you can smell while you sleep. His crying and wailing can be heard clear down to the school. Ramsey is his best friend, regardless of his furry coat and four paws, and he loves to play with Mama's tool box. He trying to hammer the walls when I do, he wants to paint just like me, and since last weeks attempt of the house burning us out (ancient electrical outlet tried to start a fire) he is now interested in the outlets. His favorite place to play is by splashing in the toilet, and any puddle that he sees.

For mothers day I got a wonderful present... a toilet that couldn't really flush... all because Thierry flush one of Amandine and my personal primping tools...

who knew one of these would actually flush.

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The Prices said...

I see why you call him monster...but, oh those baby blue's!