Wednesday, July 08, 2009


Thierry has decided that his bed in so not the place for napping. He has, instead, stacked up a couple of couch cushions in the corner of his room. Leaving his bed for his MANY, MANY babies.

He also does not believe that clothing is required...Those Pictures are being kept in lock down, until he is 16 :)

Amandine has unfortunate enough to inherit someones sensitive skin. Here she is trying to help calm her face with an avocado/oatmeal mask. Immediate her tiny bumps that have been sprouting on her cheeks have all but disappeared...yea!!

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Jenny Long said...

I'm soo excited to see the monster and the monkey next month! If you go see Ryan and don't want to take them, I'll babysit. Still need to talk to Caleb about the base pool, but you might need to bring bathing suits for them!