Wednesday, July 08, 2009


Ok. so no news on the job front worth mentioning, partly because I don't want to jinx anything. As we mentioned in May we were/are thinking of listing the house, in order to see if we could get out of it baring any difficulty finding a local job by the spring. The remodeling/restyling events have taken a bit longer than I had hope, primarily due to funding, but I have been able to get really lucky at the oops paint counter and 5 gallon buckets for mixing.
So this was the dining room, with the Roosters, which you have all seen in previous post:
And here is a shot of it from the living room now:

The Burgundy Curtains are gone, and although I have them still, we are thinking of replacing them with something more along the line of yet another shade of cream. Currently, I still need to put the last coat of paint of the cupboard, and I cant decided on table linens. I really like the southern french provincial linens that The Petite Prince Patisserie sells, but the colors aren't what I am looking for. I guess that is why there are fabric stores.

Then Connected to the Dining Room is our Living Room. Before it was Grayish purple, although many people didn't see the purple in it. This Christmas Picture shows the color. I used to have pictures of all the rooms, seems I have lost them on the drive somewhere... anyways Color Scheme before:

And Now:
It is actually very similar to the original color, less yellow, more tan. I am not changing the Curtains, but am thinking of changing the blinds. I really like roman Shades, Chris doesn't. I would like to put in three in the large window so we can have the center section down the sides up for air movement, etc. Finding a style I like though is proving difficult. Perhaps is the long run the curtains will have to find a new home...

And Finally The kitchen. I had been doing a mosaic for years, but every time I got around to working on it something came up... work, kid, pregnancy. Finally I just busted it out.

First I started by covering up the wall art... Good bye Thierry's art piece, Good-bye Amandine's Patisserie image (we kept the mosaic for her up, but it is now a chalk board. It adds a bit of color to the kitchen)
Then I tore down the shelf that was still in the process of being built.
And while pulling down the shelf and the tiles ended up with this:

So after moving the electric outlet down (thnx daddy) and replacing the sheet rock, and smoothing the walls down to a light textured finish we came up with the current look.
I really liked the open shelf look we had previously, and although we may replace it cupboards if/when we cut a breakfast bar through to the dining room, for now we put up this:

I am still the process of finishing off the minor details, like the kitchen cupboards still need to painted white, the baseboards, and trim also need a new coat of paint. And the Living room isn't completely painted (Chris needs to help move his TV). I am looking into new flooring to have a smooth look upstairs, and refinishing the hardwoods wont be happening (it really can't handle another strip down). Also with the basement fiasco this winter, I want to get the wood looking vinyl tile strips. So much more to do, but only ONLY if we get good news by this fall. Fingers Crossed.

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