Wednesday, July 15, 2009


It has two months since we took some family pictures, and today I finally got them in the mail. OH THEE OF LITTLE know who you are. I am so excited that there were a few that I LOVED of all of us, and of course the kids were absolutely cute in most, but really all of them. They all turned out great, there are just sometimes when you really wish you had legs to there, instead of up to just here (Bridget Jones) and that you could be the one that got thinner with each pregnancy, and not wider :( At least the rest of my family is simply picture perfect, and PHOTOGENIC.

These are my top favorites of the pictures that were taken in May, by Chris' Cousin. The morning was great, the weather was warm, but not too warm, and although it ended on a sad note with a phone call from mom, it was an enjoyable time that we were able to spend with our family.
I REALLY REALLY REALLY wanted a picture of us walking down by Fishbones, because... a little over 10 years ago (December it will be 11) it was where Chris and I had our FIRST REAL DATE! Who knew it would end up with us celebrating the big 10 at the end of next month...I did!

These one are tied of shots of Amandine that I LOVE! You can see the river in the back ground.

I loved this one, partly because it just shows off my little guy's personality..."what's this" and love of being outdoors.

I like this, because it has both my boys, even if Chris isn't fully in the frame. Plus it shows some of the Detroit Back drop.

And this is my favoriate picture of it all, beause I actually look a little photogenic in it! and the colors are great. I think this is the one that is edited too.

So... THANK YOU KIRSTYN I LOVED ALL OF IT, and even LOVE LOVE LOVE The unedited ones, which show off the bruisers bumps and scraps, are among favorites too. Did

I mention that I LOVE THEM!

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