Saturday, August 29, 2009

Sorry, no pictures for you!

Chris and I just got back late, last night from our week away at Hilton Head... let me say first, I think we will go back, and 2nd, we didn't get to do what I had planned....


shock of my life, after 10 years of being married, Christopher slept in EVERYDAY till after 9am!!! For those who may have never met my husband, he is an early early riser, usually up by 6am and at the gym. We were lucky if we made it there by 10am. Breakfast by noon, and by then the morning beach time was spent.

We did make it there one day, and it was beautiful, warm, with a slight breeze. The following day we had planned to return, but the skies threatened and delivered rain. Plus, there were quite a few antique stores to be seen.

Maybe in a few days I will post the one or two pictures that we actually took, but mainly any pictures we have are for our eyes only... and no I don't mean that in anyway but in, "why would you want to see a picture of Chris reading his book on the beach?"

I do plain on reviewing the island for you... eventually. But today, I think I need to plan on picking up the kids, or at the very least, unpack.

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