Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My Crafty little Man...

He is so smart. He is so vocal. He is so advanced with his socialization. So why can't he figure out that taking OFF that poppy diaper was a BAD IDEA.

Poor guy though, he was really upset that he couldn't figure out how to put the clean one on. (BTW the picture above was NOT taken in conjunction with this incident)

BUT... it is such a blessing to know that his little body works, and that we have not been burden with medical bills for anything more than his birth, and well baby visits. In fact we are really blessed that *knock on wood* BOTH of the kids have been extremely healthy, without inheriting my family's heart issues, ear infections, strep throats, lice, and many other wonderful things we ALWAYS caught growing up. Amandine may have glasses now, and perhaps there will be braces in the future, but those seem so minor when you all the children who are really, really sick, or having surgeries and cast to help them reach "normal".

So poopy diapers and all, I wouldn't trade his quirks for anything else.

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