Saturday, January 30, 2010

HELP! What is this?

Friday morning

Friday Morning

Friday Morning

Saturday Morning (lower back, new bumps)

Saturday Morning

Saturday Morning, bumps on his knee new.

Saturday Morning

And tonight, it was larger and darker red, and I used a 3x3 gauze pad to cover the big spot up and the inner spot on the inner thigh. And he has two new bumps like the ones on his back on his bottom.
Got an opinion, let me know. I will let you know what it is when we know, but he will not be at church tomorrow


melissa said...

my little brother had the same thing. it was a form of a nasty rash it was treated with steroid cream. I would not let your little girl touch it and wash your hands if you touch it. to be on the safe side. take him to th edr on Monday if possible need a ride call me. and i will drive you

RH said...

My first thought on thursday was that he scratched his dry skin/exzema as the bumps were slightly raised. Then then next day, after putting the ex cream on it, it started to morph. Put some benzityne cream on it last night after oatmeal bath and bandaged up. Guess it is time to check it out...

The Prices said...

Look into something called Molluscum. It's a form of warts. Trey and Brook both had it a few years ago. It's nasty and spreads like the dickens and gets worse if you put creams on it. We had to go to the dermatologist who used a special wart remover that he called bug juice but that isn't the real name. In the meantime we used a special all natural lotion that prevented it from spreading even more. Tell me if I should send it to you.