Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Because Medical Doctors are sometimes quacks...

Medical professionals:

Please take a moment and re exam your career choice, especially if you ever thought that "A Mother KNOWS", is just an excuse to bring attention to ourselves.

I am a calm mother, when it comes to my kids being sick. I can tell if an earache is really just pain from congestion, or the beginnings of a middle ear infection. I have seen impetigo, spider bites, heat rashes, rosacea, and know the symptoms of strep throat, scarlet fever, and the 5th disease. Head wounds don't make me gasp in horror (unless something is sticking out of it), and broken bones can wait tell morning because they have to call an orthopedic to look at the x-ray anyways (unless again, something is sticking out or fever).

I learned quite a bit, from a scouting father, and brothers, a girls camp program that actually taught you to camp, and being in a house FULL of crazy boys.

I HATE going to the doctors for myself, and unless I am positive that I need a 2nd opinion will not schedule an appointment. I hate drugs for the side effects, and hate having someone come in and mess with the "new computer system" for 12 minutes before even looking at my kid. Many times a doctors visit is not needed, so my kids have only been in for well baby visits and annual checkups. It is not because they are crazy healthy (although we have been blessed with good health, and not having Er visits) but because I don't run my kids to the place where other sick kids are bound to be.

SO when I say my kid has the shingles, don't tell me, that he can't because he is too young, and that it only happens with people over 50.


Our monster has just gotten over having it, following the classic traits and signs of the disease. Most likely when he received the chicken pox vaccine, his body registered it as an active virus, whether it was dormant/dead or not. It happens, though rare, it happens. So if you have been following my post of the Rash, and happen to see something that looks like chicken pox, a few days after complaints of pain on one side, cover it up, give them benydryl, and keep hydrocoretzone cream on it. Then take them to the doctor. If more kids start to show up with it, then they will have to start acknowledging that maybe, kid do in fact get shingles more than they thought.


The Mama

PS fyi, shingles can not be contracted from a case of shingles. Shingles lay dormant in your body after being exposed, suffering, or receiving the chicken pox either in bing sick or vaccinated for them.
Children who have NOT been vaccinated can get CHICKEN POX from the case of shingles if you open a blister and rub the fluid onto your skin.
Shingles in adults appear due to stress or illness, in children it is unknown except for underlying health issues.
Shingles begin with complaints of pain, or "itchies" on ONE side of the body 1-3 days prior to the presentation of the initial "grouping" of blisters. These blisters will continue to grow, is size, redness, and may spread to other areas along a nerve path on ONE side of the body.
There is nothing they can do for it, except monitor it, give benydryl, and tell you to keep it covered and hydrocortozone cream (non steroid). The sores should crust over, scab and start to fall off around day 7-10, and be completely clear within 3 weeks. If new blisters continue to form over 14 days serious underlying health issues may be hindering the healing process.

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