Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Day 5 of Rash watch...

I am obsessed with this thing now. Monster is being such a trooper, as I bandage his leg, and take pictures. we have scheduled a doc appointment, for tomorrow afternoon, and Nana will come out here to drive us. Although it had appeared to be getting better since Saturday, this morning it didn't look really any better, and I thought worse, so I decided to just call it in. Time will tell if Monster has inherited the "not anymore" gene, where we could be on deaths doorstep, but head to the doctor, make that call and BAM!!! we are cured. Inside his leg
Inside of leg post Oatmeal Bath.

up close and personal to his knee
Knee shot #2 Post Bath

Knee shot, post bath. That blackish looking stuff was lent that we clean out after the picture was taken.

Upper leg, with a new bump to the right (his left)

Up Close to his Upper Leg

Post Bath inside of legs/upper leg spots

Overall, taking an oatmeal bath each morning helps with the overall redness. We have continued to keep clean gauze on it, with OTC neosporin medicine. He also has his Benydryl to keep him from scratching.
I really hope he is just getting an infection from scratching, as that will be less worrisome to me than if it is the other two options. Especially when you read that a child this young, after being vaccinated (a year ago), can develop Shingles, and more commenly they have an underlying Immune system issue. Trying NOT to be paranoid, or crazy, but I NEVER take my kids to the doctors unless I think something is very wrong, and am usually right...:(

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The Prices said...

Poor baby. Hope all works out. it doesn't look like Mollusucm anymore, especially since it's on his legs and not torso.