Thursday, April 29, 2010

Estimate in for Landscaping

Today we received our Landscaping Estimate, which will include a new stoop, steps, and two planters on either side of the stoop. The total cost for supplies $1579. Labor $2258. Grand total to repair our stoop only would have been about half @ 1918.00 with our total @ $3837.00

This is for a 4'x6'x27" stoop, made of a retaining wall bricks, glacier stone steps and a paving brick topper. In addition, we are getting two retaining wall plant beds at 20"high at 4x11 and 4x8 in length.

After much consideration, we are going to go with this guy. His work will give a nice finished look to the front of the house, all uniform in appearance, and I get plants too.

I do need to note that I am getting a cut on the landscaping cost. Typically landscaping is 2x the supply cost, which would have been $3158 alone, plus the cost of supplies. This would have been a $4377 job on normal conditions, minus plants, I would guess depending on the plants you choose, it could have been around $4600.

I got a discount on Labor for 2 reason.

1. We already did alot of prep work for them. By removing the previous garden landscaping, the tree/bush, etc we saved a whole morning of work. In addition we can reuse some of the things in our new design.

2. My little brother loves me lots. He personally knows the owner of the company and has for many years, (yeah family and friends discount!)

At this point, we are just waiting for checks to be written and cleared, and setting up a date to get working. Once they have the check, it will be within two weeks, which should give me 2-3 weeks to spare. The weather better behave!

Still to figure out... where to get flower boxes that wont cost and arm and a leg!

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